EW7046 Power Delivery

The AC7046 supports Power Delivery (PD) on the USB-C port. This protocol enables
your notebook to be charged safely over one single USB-C cable. One footnote: all
devices within the power chain must support Power Delivery. Including the USB-C
cables. The devices and cables have built-in chips that communicate with each other
to decide the best PD profile to ensure a safe power delivery.

For example, if you connect a 45.0W USB-C charger to the AC7046 (supports PD
profiles up to 100.0W) and your notebook supports a USB-C PD profile of max.
65.0W. The max. power that will be provided to your notebook is 45.0W.

If for some reason in the example above, the USB-C cable is exchanged by a USB-C
cable which does not support PD (no built-in chip), your notebook will not be charged.

Besides this all, USB-C with PD enables charging in two directions. For example, you
can charge your smartphone with your tablet, but also your tablet with your

Which Power Delivery profiles are available? 5.0V, 9.0V, 12.0V, 15.0V and 20.0V.

What max. Power Delivery profiles are supported by the AC7046:


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